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Everyone loves a good success story, right??  If you have a good one about how your MAC membership and/or Personal Training has helped improve your life, share it with us! We want to share your motivating and inspiring journey with others.  Wouldn't it be awesome if  your story inspired somebody else to begin THEIRS??

Success! Thank you for sharing!

What our members are saying... #listenup

Since I started going to The MAC I've had more energy and motivation.  I really enjoy taking the classes they offer, especially CXWorx and BodyPump because I know I get a great workout.  I also love working with my personal trainer, Lauren.  She keeps our workouts fun and challenging.  I leave our sessions feeling very accomplished.  Megan L.

In February 2013 I was diagnosed with muliple myoloma; up until then I loved going to the gym and was in fairly good shape.  Everything stopped when I was diagnosed, I had to take care of my health.  Recently I made my way back to the gym and began working out with my trainer, Lauren.  It really has made me feel alive and healthy again.  I'm grateful for the time I spend with her; she is extremely supportive and helpful and I'm definitely feeling and seeing results.  It's the one thing I do for myself.  Cynthia Y.

I have been training with Andrew for more than 2 years.  He has the ability to make you want to do more without being pushy or negative.  Andrew's use of functional movement did more to repair my injuries than standard medical care.  Rebecca T.

At the end of 2015 I had two brain and spinal surgeries due to the diagnosis of Chiari Malformation.  Following the surgeries, I was unable to participate in any physical activities.  Even walking for an extended period of time was a challenge.  When I was able to transition back to exercising I began training sessions with Lauren for support.  After just a few months of working with Lauren, I am able to see and feel a substantial difference in my strength, mobility and balance.  I attribute  this to her unique and challenging workouts.  I look forward to continuing my training with Lauren and achiveing an even higher level of fitness than I had prior to surgery.  Larissa W.

I have been working with Lauren for a little over 3 months now and couldn't be happier with my experience with her and the progress I have made in that time.  Having come to her with a reasonable fitness level and workout knowledge, Lauren has been amazing at meeting me at my level, helping me improve on my technique and challenging me all at the same time.  Lauren is intuitive and knows when to push harder and when I'm reaching my limit.  She is dedicated, knowledgeable, caring and attentive.  Her easy going, friendly personality makes training a blast.  Of all my experiences with trainers and gyms, this by far has been the best one yet.  Kate W.

At 66 years old my main focus is on staying healthy.  My goals are physical fitness and weight loss.  It took me 4 years to get the courage to come to MAC for the Silver Sneakers Program due to the embarassment I felt about my weight.  Now I am working with Lauren who has given me the incentive and confidence to reach my goals.  Together we are working on cardio, core strength and balance.  I love coming to MAC.  Everyone is friendly and helpful.  I feel like a new person.  Thank you MAC staff. 

Marcia L.

Lauren has changed my life in a very short time.  I've always been insecure and intimidated at the gym.  Lauren has made me feel comfortable and motivated to get fit.  Tyler R.

In 6 months of training with Andrew, he taught me how to walk again.  He taught me about balance and movement with no pain in either of my knees.  Together we built my left leg back up to have strength in order to dead life 195lbs.  Andrew is extremely knowledgeable about every muscle in the body.  He works in a professional manner which builds confidence; he pushes and encourages you to know that you have it in you, whatever it is.  I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who has had surgery and is working their way back.  He teaches you how everything should work together, along with eating the right foods.  He cares about how you feel after the workout is over.  I'm thrilled with how I feel after I leave Andrew, I feel good, strong and notice the change in my body.  Andrew is 5 stars in my book.  Thank you MAC Fitness for recommending the right trainer to help me recover from knee replacement and bring me back to full use.  I can walk normal again.  Patti H.

I have been working out with David for over a year so when he took a job at MAC Fitness, I joined.  Evryone around me notices the result of our training, not only in my appearance, but also in my mood and motivation.  I'm leaner, stronger and happier.  Everything seems easier.  I've dropped 3 waist sizes and people comment on how good they think I look, and I feel great.  My extreme energy keeps me motivated to keep training because the reward is in the results.  My story is just beginning. 

Richard B.

I have been a member of MAC for over 10 years and I have never enjoyed MAC or looked so forward to coming to the gym as much as I have since George became my trainer.  My flexibility, balance and endurance has increased immensely.  This has translated directly to a better golf score (by at least 7 strokes) and much better performance on both the tennis and pickle ball courts.  I used to have occasional back discomfort but now I have none.  George is better than any chiroprator I have ever been to.  Sincere thanks to both George and MAC Fitness.  Chet A.

I am 77 years old and Mary has been my personal trainer for over 4 years.  My primary reason for training has been to improve my sense of balance and to avoid injuries due to falling.  Strength training, cardiac and pulmonary health care are extremely important to me.  Mary has worked diligently toward helping me achieve all of my health and fitness goals and together we have achieved great progress.  I could not have done it without her.  Carolyn S.

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